Solar Projects Developments in Iran

200 MW Large Scale Photovoltaic Plants in Iran

A leading European company has been incorporated to lead a consortium that coordinates and offers:

                                                                                     - Development, permitting and design

                                                                                     -Construction & supervision management 

                                                                                      of photovoltaic plants in Iran.

The Strategy of the consortium is to enter emerging solar markets at an early stage, taking advantage of opportunities, which may not be available for late comers.

The consortium consists of companies with completed projects of more 500 MW in solar and wind installations.

Main assets of the consortium are (1) development & professional experience connected with (2) valuable contacts and local rules in the country of project development ( Iran).

The consortium is looking for investors which will have high percentage of return of investment and  a guarantee from the Iranian Energy Ministry about purchasing of the produced electricity for a period of 20 years.

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