Iranian Stock Market

Brokerage Service

Investors Group Iran is starting with  a full service brokerage firm operation under supervision of Iran SEO and offers trading services in Tehran Stock Exchange and Iran Farabourse.

Investors Group Iran  provides online access to the trading system for its customers. On top of that, equipped with professional traders and through its trading stations located across the country and provides customized trading experience for its customers. We can also offer credit to customers based on its credit assessment policy. ( Coming Soon )

Advisory & Research Report

·Economic Outlook Report: Raw data and analysis of key macroeconomic indexes of Iranian economy based on reports and data published by official authorities.

·Industry Reports: Raw data analysis of global, regional and domestic environmental characteristics of individual industries and analysis of key factors affecting price, demand and supply based on available databases and the research team’s expertise.

·Company Report: Raw data and analysis of individual companies. Financial statement analysis and forecasting individual firms’ future performance based on published financial statements, economic and industrial trends and the research team’s expertise.

·Tailor-made Research Reports: Behgozin Brokerage Co. can also offer tailor-made research reports in related areas upon the request of customers

·Investment Advisory: Iran SEO authorized the notion of Investment Adviser, an entity entitled to publish its professional opinion on securities prices, publish valuation reports and give advice to buy, sell or hold a security.

Fund Management & Establishment

Any entity wishing to establish a fund in Iran, as in any frontier market, will face different technical and legal complexities. Our expertise and experience in this field enables us to give advice or act on any given third party’s behalf on these issues. These services can be extended to applying for a license, hiring necessary staff and satisfying technical requirements of Iran SEO.

Asset Management

The expertise of our team allows us to address the specific needs of our customers considering their unique investment objectives and risk aversion.

Corporate Finance

We are an authorized Advisor on issuance of financial instruments. Entities can finance domestic or international investment opportunities through Sukuk or raise capital for public companies in Iran Farabourse and Tehran Stock Exchange.

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