Providing a good product or an outstanding service is not always sufficient to be successful in another country. The knowledge of cultural characteristics and its pitfalls is as important in business as knowing culture codes. Those codes are crucial when it comes to subconsciously assigning a certain value to a thing: to a car, to a particular kind of food, to a smile, to a relationship or even to a country. 

We help companies develop the right way to communicate in day-to-day business in Iran, improve contacts with Iranians and cope with professional challenges by holding cross-cultural and practice-oriented Iran-seminars. 

Our Iran coachings and seminars are targeted at specialists and managers that both collaborate with Iranian companies and lead Iran-related projects either from abroad or on-site. 

We deal with classic management aspects in a cross-cultural context such as how to lead a meeting, how to prepare for negotiations or human resource management and furthermore how to mediate culture-specific contents.

  1)Staff development for experts and project employees that operate from Germany

  2)Expatriate training for specialists and managers that live and work in Iran

  3)Management skills for specialists and managers that control Iran-related processes

  4)Leadership training for managers from binational teams, departments and projects in Iran