Legal Services


Any given international business activity mandates comprehensive information and experience regarding the respective target country. As the undertaking becomes more elaborate, the necessity for reliable information grows proportionally, expanding from the initial sales and marketing knowledge to solutions for questions about financing, cooperation, human resources, and the production conditions.

We see the great possibilities that the Iranian market offers without neglecting potential difficulties. The Iranian economy is facing immense challenges and there is a dire need for the implementation of structural reforms. However, as opposed to other regions, Iran does not suffer from a lack of demand, but from missing supply.

An involvement with Iran is a profitable challenge that requires specialized knowledge. Due to our long-term experience, we support companies during tenders and project acquisitions. Our expertise concerning the European-Iranian trade relations are supplemented through cooperation with experienced, local partners that support our clients during the market development.

We maintain tight, long term collaborations with trusted lawyers and consultants in Iran. Our specialists possess extensive knowledge about Iranian as well as European law, know local practices and support companies during all foundation stages.


  • Business initiation (acquisition of potential business, sales or trade partners, commercial agents) in Iran
  • Project acquisition through tenders
  • Development of a tailor-made Go-To-Market strategies for the Iranian market
  • Foundation of an Iranian branch, representation, agency, or joint venture
  • Implementation and realization of Iran market entrance strategy going beyond marketing, sales, pricing, human resources and customer insight
  • Limited Liability Company LLC with %100 shares for foreign companies
  • Joint Stock Company with %100 shares for foreign companies
  • Free Zone company registration in Iran
  • Commercial law
  • Company law
  • Trade marks
  • Patent law
  • Copy right
  • Legal consultancy
  • Employment and labor litigation, Employment contract, social security litigation, employment agreements,
  • Lease contract, representative contract, partnership contract, commercial contract
  • Franchise contracts
  • Insurance services ( liability, fire,transportation, travel and more)